It is important to put your ancestors in context.  Putting them in context of the people who lived nearby reveals the type of community they lived in.

And these are the people they gossiped about!  You have to know.





And the spreadsheet from the video can be downloaded by clicking on the spreadsheet image.



6 Responses to “Five Minute Find: Nosy About the Neighbors”

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve never been able to find my grandpa.i met him once and never saw him again,I don’t even know his first name, all I know is his last name . ( Crosby ) and he lived in Cincinnati Ohio

  2. Larry Crosby

    I have never seen my grandpa but once in my life . Now my dad is dead and the rest of the family is gone. I would like to know more about my grandpa and if he’s alive or not

  3. Donna n. Henderson

    I never new my grandfater because noe but my fathers mother Billie my grandmother born and raised on a reservation as a Cherokee indian in Tenn. Chatt. . And she never told and died when I was 3 years old.

  4. deborah bowman

    I am trying to locate my Father. His name is Ray Bowman, born in Tenn., married my Mother, Rosetta in Winston Salem,NC where they lived for years. I have not seen my Father since I was a child. My brother got hit by a car at the age of 4 and died. His name was Harold Wayne Bowman. Please help me if you can.

  5. Phyllis Brothers

    I wanted to make copies of the spreadsheet. Couldn’t figure out how to do it.