Historical Records. Stories. Photos. Family Trees.  It helps sometimes to pick a focus for your search.   Here is a quick fix for that.

On your advanced search form, right above the Search button, you will see a “Restrict to:” section.

You have four categories to choose from:

  • Historical Records
  • Family Trees
  • Stories & publications
  • Photos & maps

Choose 1 or 4 or any combination, but you must choose at least one.

Beware of “sticky” options

This feature is what we call “sticky” because it sticks until you change it.  To make it stick, set whatever your options you want and then do a search.  Next search, these options will be the same, until you reset and search.

Just remember, if you are looking for Photos and none come up, check your options.  You may have set them and forgotten what you’ve set.

Happy Searching!

9 Responses to “Search Tip: What Kind of Records Would You Like To See?”

  1. Linda Stanley

    I would like to see ALL search results in ALPHABETICAL order and when I’m searching for example, a birth record of a relataive in MY home state, that I don’t get records from around the world and the OTHER 49 states. This drives me crazy. Cordially, Linda Stanley

    • Alice Mackert

      Linda, you are so right. I was searching for a death certificate, or confirmation of a death, gave my state, year of death, and of course name. Got people from every state, and most of them years after they passed.

    • Carol Harris

      Yea to that! It is frustrating to search for a person who does not appear on the first or second page of results. I have gone as much as 10 pages of results and there is a record for the person I wanted – with correct name, dob etc. I have never understood why no alphabetical search. Matter of fact often I can not determine what search criteria Ancestry uses.

    • Anonymous

      I agree!! It is so frustrating to have to page through the world when you have asked for a particular state, that I just don’t bother any more! Why put in the state you’re interested in if every state is going to come up anyway! Hopefully, Ancestry has an answer to this. Help!

  2. Eleanor Rooney

    I agree with Linda. I restrict to the state I am interested in and get info from all of the world.

  3. jon garner

    It is difficult when you are searching a state for records and you get 49 other states popping up, however I would like to see all border states appear. I live in a city that is twin city to another that is in an adjoining state. I also have an address that is in a town in one county, but actually live in another county. This can cause problems when searching. Border states and counties, yes, all states no.

  4. Alice Mackert

    I wish that there were more historical records for the state of PA prior to the 1800′s.

  5. Terri Stone

    I would like to see more historical records for Madison County Ohio. Someone there is holding them hostage.

  6. Anonymous

    I agree with Linda, you get info from all the states when you put in a specific state also, would like to see more records from Oklahoma.