This past week marked the 71st anniversary of women in the military in the US.

I was looking through the Fold3 Spotlights I found this great article : Women Airforce Service Pilots which was uploaded by member SePennartz.



You can find more records spotlighted on Fold3’s Member Spotlight page.

member spotlight


You can also create your own spotlight.  Let’s say I want to spotlight my 2nd great grandfather’s service record that documents his being sent to Camp Chase Prison Camp.



Click on Spotlight :



And then fill out the information:


Then when someone goes to the page, they will see:



Happy Searching!

3 Responses to “Fold3: Women in the Military and Spotlights”

  1. Ken Maag

    Seems to me that Fold3 (which I believe is owned by Ancestry) is just a way for Ancestry to get you to pay twice for info that should already be at Ancestry.

    • Toni

      Did you know
      “A fire in 1973 destroyed approx 80% of military records from the 1912 to 1960 time frame. Read this to figure out what to do next.


      I don’t get excited about any announcement about new records added anywhere. It’s always something after the civil war, likely in the 1900’s. I don’t need anything in 1900. I don’t even need much in 1800. Lead me to the old stuff! And then this announcement came and I thought I would find my neighbor lady who served. Thought I would find my father and his brothers. I didn’t find anything. The list I did get wasn’t for my state or for the year of birth I asked for. Complete waste of time and I didn’t go back. I expect in less than 5 years there will be one site and we’ll pay for access to their “partner” sites.
      Free search is a come on. They all let you search. The information the search returns is not free. Ever. There is no free lunch.

  2. Toni

    Why did I have to use a random web site in order to post to this comment? Since I don’t have a personal web site, I’m not allowed to reply?